Grandfather’s teeth

Illustrated by Nargess Shafiee

Amirkabir, Tehran 2016

Cubic cat

Illustrated by Mahshid Raghemi

Amirkabir, Tehran 2016

Run away again and again

Illustrated by Parasto Haghi

Elmi-Farhangi, Tehran 2015

One Jump two Jumps and three Jumps

Illustrated by Maryam Tavahodi

Peydayesh, Tehran 2014

The necklace that was gorgeous

Illustrated by Farid Amali

Negarineg, Tehran 2013

The same old lady bug

Illustated by Farid Amali

Negarineg, Tehran 2013

The tiny tongue that spoke well

Illustated by Farid Amali

Negarineg, Tehran.2013

On whose arms should I should jump in?

Illustrated by Farid Amali

Negarineg, Tehran 2013

Heat-sensitive Cold-sensitive

Illustrated by Faeze Taghizadeh

Behnashr, Tehran 2011

The cyclist old lady

Illustrated by Neda Azimi

Madrese, Tehran 2003

What’s wrong?

Illustrated by Sahar Haghgo

Behnashr, Tehran 2009

 A small black car

Illustrated by Samira Namayandegi

Nashr-e-shahr, Tehran 2009

A tired mom and smiling boy

Illustrated by Shiva Ziyayi

Madrese, Tehran 2009

I can only be a dad

Illustrated by Hadis Ghorban

Nashr-e-Shahr, Tehran 2009

The car that eats the street

Illustrted by Behrang Mazlomi

Nasher-e-shahr, Tehran 2007

Mr. Watermelon

Illustrated by Nahid Kazemi

Behnashr, Tehran 2005

Bicycle and the bird

Illustrated by Mahkame Shabani

Behnashr, Tehran 2004

 The dog that barked a lot

Illustrated by Rashin Khayriye

Kanoon, Tehran 2004

The ground that shakes

Illustrated by Amir Shabani

Madrese, Tehran 2003

A thousand steps ladder

Illuastrated by Alireza Shabani

Madrese, Tehran 2003

I am the same I am the same

Illustrated by Neda Azimi

Kanoon, Tehran 2003

Wish cat

Illustrated by Ali Khodayi

Hannaneh, Tehran 2001

Our Iranian cat

Illustrated by Sajjad Razghi

Kanook, Tehran 1999

 The last unicorn

Illustrated by Kazem Talayi

Soroush, Tehran 1997

A lady with thousands of stories

Illustrated by Mohamadali Banasasi

Soroush, Tehran 1996

The magic straw

Illustrated by Kazem Talayi

Ghasedak Shadi, Tehran 1992

What do I do with my sadness?

Illustrated by Mohamad Hosain Tehrani

Hamkelasi, Tehran 1992

The wind and the kite

Illustrated by Mahnosh Moshiri

Soroush, Tehran 1990

The little fellow traveler

Illustrated Simin shahravan

Reyhan, Tehran 1989

The whistle of the ruler

Illustrated by Mahin javaherian

Mehrabghalam, Tehran 1989

The Travel stories

Illustrated by Mahin javaherian

Amirkabir, Tehran 1989

 A new talk

Illustrated by Nafiseh Shahdadi

Mehrabghalam, Tehran 1989

Wind’s playmate.

Illustrated by Nasrin Bonyadi

Amirkabir, Tehran 1987

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