What is “FCLC”?

Fariba Kalhor Children’s Literature Center (FCLC) is a non-profit, independent and personal entity registered in Toronto, Canada on November 28, 2018. The owner is Fariba Kalhor, a writer for children and adolescents.


  1. Promoting the qualitative and quantitative level of Iranian child literature in Canada and Iran
    2. Helping to maintain and expand native speakers of Farsi speaking Canadians.

FCLC follows its own approaches:

– Conducting classes, literary and cultural meetings, specialized gatherings in both Iran and Canada.

– Provide storytelling and storytelling sessions for the communication of Iranian children living in Canada with native language.

-Research for appropriate Persian books to Persian children living in Canada
Introducing the best books to various levels of society such as parents, teens, special readers.

– Conducting cultural-literary competitions between children and adolescents in Iran and Canada and donating white rhinoceros to favorites.

– Conduct artistic cultural competitions between novice and senior authors in Iran and Canada, and award silver hippopotamus to selected artists.

– Choosing the best compilation books published in Iran with specific time periods and donating Golden Hippo to the favorites.

FCLC pursues its goals in Iran through Franegar Pars Cultural Institute, which represents FCLC in Iran.


The financial backing of Fariba Kalhor’s Child Literature Center is personal and is not supported by any domestic or foreign entities. This center does not count on the help of the charities and lovers of Iranian literature and culture and the literature of the child. Although it welcomes any financial support!

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